Northern Safety Network Yukon

OCOP Program

The Owner Operator Certificate of Proficiency (OCOP) is an occupational health and safety certification program for the Yukon Owner Operator businesses; no employees, no subcontractors. When you don’t have employees or subcontract (thus making you the Constructor) there is no requirement for a safety management system that is at the auditable standard of COR®. If you are unsure if you qualify as an Owner Operator, please fill in the Determining COR® Needs survey. Note: if you are working in a partnership with your spouse or a family member you do not qualify for OCOP and will need to pursue either the SECOR® or COR® program).

The Owner Operator Certificate of Proficiency is recognition that supports your safe business practices.

Some general examples:

  • Taking the time to minimize the hazards of your worksite
  • Being capable of controlling the hazards and reducing the risk
  • Upholding the safety culture of the worksite

Another benefit is a reduction in overall cost to your business.

Some examples:

  • Cut back on the running back and forth costs through Pre-Job Planning
  • Decrease costs to damaged equipment from lack of safety measures
  • Reduce lost time injury costs through safe job planning

Injury prevention is important to you because you are the Owner, Manger and the Worker. If you are injured then there is no one taking care of your projects, your equipment or your daily business responsibilities.

The OCOP program will help you be familiar with territorial occupational health and safety legislation and regulations, including duties of Self Employed Persons. Understanding OHS rights and obligations help ensure regulatory due diligence.

The OCOP program is administered by the Northern Safety Network Yukon and is available to all Yukon Owner Operator businesses; no employees, no subcontractors.

Owner Operator Certificate of Proficiency (OCOP) Process

Step 1

Register in the program by filling in the Health & Safety Program Registration Form and the Questionnaire and emailing or faxing them to NSNY.

Step 2

Attend the half day Owner Operator Certificate of Proficiency course

Step 3

Adapt the provided polices to best suit your business and you will be presented with a 3 month Temporary Letter of Certification (TLC) for Owner Operator COP.

During the 3 month time frame, you must compile the documentation required by NSNY to demonstrate your participation in safety activities. This includes but is not limited to; Field Level Risk Assessments, Safety Orientation Forms, copies safety meetings you attended and Safe Job Procedures developed for infrequently performed tasks.

Step 4

It is your responsibility to submit to NSNY your Records of Activity for Review before the expiration of your TLC. If you have a successful Records of Activity Review, you will be issued a One Year OCOP certificate.

One extension of your TLC may be granted at the discretion of NSNY up to a maximum of the original time frame of the TLC (90 days).

You must submit a written request for an extension, that may be asked to be signed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public, to NSNY.

That explains the reason(s) for applying for the extension.

Your extension letter request should state:

  1. Your TLC's original expiration date
  2. Reason for requesting the extension
  3. Whether or not your company has had any active worskites during the time frame specified in your original TLC
  4. Signed and dated by the company owner/senior manager.