Northern Safety Network Yukon

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Here you can find all the information about COR/SECOR.

Benefits for Employers

  • COR® and SECOR®, and OCOP businesses automatically qualify for a 10% rebate on your assessment up to $25,000.00. For more information about CHOICES please CLICK CHOICES
  • COR® or SECOR® Certification is a tender/contract requirement for the Government of Yukon projects involving construction activities. Several other organizations require COR® or SECOR® to prequalify for their contracts -- Yukon Energy, Atco Electric, and the City of Whitehorse, to name a few.
  • Proven to help reduce the number and frequency of workplace incidents, accidents, injuries and fatalities
  • Increase protection from OH&S liability and helps establish due diligence
  • Helps lower lost time claim rates
  • Helps reduce risk of damage to equipment and property
  • Helps create a level playing field in which all contractors meet required H&S standards
  • Helps lower workers compensation assessment rates in the long term
  • Can result in fewer work interruptions
  • Improves competitiveness and profitability
  • Third party verification of H&S practices
  • Improves record keeping
  • Assists with recruitment and retention of workers

Benefits for Constructions Workers and Sub-Trades

  • Creates a healthier and safer work environment
  • Helps establish due diligence and increases protection from OH&S liability
  • Raises safety awareness levels
  • Improves morale and productivity

Benefits for Owners and Purchasers

  • Results in fewer project delays
  • Helps protect interest and assets
  • Helps lower project costs
  • Provides 3rd party verification of the builders safety program
  • Demonstrates that contractors provide adequate safety training for their staff
  • Demonstrates the contractors commitment to health and safety