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The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations

Working together for health & safety
across Canadian construction jobsites.

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) works as an umbrella organization for member provincial and territorial construction safety associations.




Certificate of Recognition (COR™)

COR™ is an occupational health and safety certification program.


  • COR™ Certification is a tender/contract requirement on the Government of Yukon projects involving construction activities. Please click here to connect with the YG website and further details.  
  • COR™ Certification is a requirement for other companies such as Yukon Energy. Please click here to connect with Yukon Energy’s website and further details.                          
The COR Program - Types of Certification Available
  1. COR™ (Certificate of Recognition) - for companies with ten employees or more, please click here
  2. SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) - for businesses with nine or fewer employees during peak times, please click here
  3. TLC (Temporary Letter of Certification). Businesses at the final stage of becoming COR or SECOR certified may submit a TLC.
  4. COREL (Certificate of Recognition Equivalency Letter). Businesses who have achieved COR outside of Yukon and wish to bid on a tender in Yukon requiring COR, they may apply to NSNY for a COREL letter to be included in their bid package. please click here
  5. OCOP (Owner/Operator Certificate of Proficiency) – is available for Yukon Owner/Operator businesses; no employees, no subcontractors. please click here  __________________________________________________________________________

The Yukon government continues assessing the COR requirement to address government and industry needs and to ensure Yukon continues to reap the benefits of a reduction of accidents and injuries as public and private sector increase adopting safety practices. 

If a contract is subject to this requirement, it will be noted on the tender documents.

The certification must be maintained throughout the life of the contract.



Acknowledgement Yukon Government

NSNY would like to acknowledge the Yukon Government – Economic Development for their financial support of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) conference held in Yukon. We thank Ranj Pillai, Minister of Economic Development, for the funding which was provided under the provisions of the Community Development Fund.



Free Resources

NSNY offers a variety of FREE safety resources.

  • Sample template safety forms and policies to help build your safety manual
  • Health and safety consultation and site visits (this service is limited and dependent on availability)
  • Review of your Safety manual, feedback and assistance provided
  • Internal Auditor/Safety Representative Workshops
  • The templates, forms, documents and the downloadable audit document are available to the public. (It is not necessary to be COR™/SECOR™ or Owner/Operator Certified (OCOP).




New Courses

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

This half day program is directed towards individuals who will be tasked with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a work site&rsq...

Date: Friday February 7, 2020

Cost: $370

WHMIS Train-the-Trainer

This one day course is designed for those who are responsible for establishing and maintaining their company’s WHMIS program. 

Date: Wednesday March 25, 2020

Cost: $144