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Basics of Workers' Compensation and Introduction to Return to Work

Price: $99

A 1/2 day course that looks at the history of workers' compensation, introduces the concept of RTW and its Importance, and provides the lega...

Confined Space Entrant and Standby Person

Price: $395

This 2 day course allows you to gain knowledge in Yukon Legislation, Term and their definitions as well as roles and responsibilities. Through b...

Fall Protection - End User

Price: $195

This one day program has been developed in accordance with the requirements acceptable to CSA and Yukon Occupational ...

Internal Auditor Training

Price: $259

This three-day course is designed for those who will be evaluating the effectiveness of their company health and safety program. Program audits ...

Joint Health & Safety Committee/Representative (JHSC) Training

Price: $144

Joint Health and Safety Committees and Safety Representatives are critical elements of a strong Internal Responsibility System. Corporate health...

ONLINE - Basics of Workers' Compensation and Introduction to Return to Work

Price: $99

This course that looks at the history of workers’ compensation, introduces the concept of RTW and its importance, and provides the legal a...



ONLINE - LOTO - Lock out Tag out

Price: $0

Lockout save...



ONLINE - Principles of Health & Safety Management

Price: $99

This online course is designed to provide company owners, managers, and supervisors the knowledge to develop a simple, cost-effective Health and...



ONLINE - Yukon Legislation Awareness

Price: $144

This online course was developed to present information that clarifies the intent and application of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, R...



Return to Work - Large Business

Price: $144

*Pre-requisites: Basics of Workers Comp. and Intro to RTW* A one-day course specifically designed for workplaces with 20 employees or more. Part...

VILT Leadership for Safety Excellence

Price: $285

This is a two-day course designed for management and supervisory positions. This program will enable supervisors to build health and safety into...

VILT Leadership Refresher

Price: $144

This one-day refresher training is for students who have completed the full Leadership for Safety Excellence course through the NSNY and are see...

VILT Return to Work Refresher

Price: $75

This refresher course is intended for workplaces which meet one of two conditions: 1) Workplaces which have attended previous RTW training but h...

VILT Return to Work - Small Business

Price: $144

A one-day course designed for workplaces with less than 20 employees. Participants will explore the legal responsibilities of RTW and successful...

WHMIS Train-the-Trainer

Price: $154

This one day course is designed for those who are responsible for establishing and maintaining their company’s WHMIS program. 

Yukon Traffic Control Person

Price: $365

This two day course provides participants with qualifications allowing them to become a Traffic Control Person (TCP) in the Yukon. Field session...