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Workplace Harassment & Violence Prevention

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This course is designed for workers, supervisors, and managers in Yukon workplaces, to provide them with a thorough understanding of workplace violence and harassment prevention.

Harassment and violence in the workplace have far-reaching effects on the health and well-being of workers as well as on their job stability and job satisfaction. Harassment and violence may also have an impact on the overall economy resulting from costs associated with absenteeism, lost productivity, and job turnover.


Topics covered:

  • Definitions

  • Effects of Harassment and Violence

  • Legislative Requirements

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Roles of WSCB, Safety Officers, and the Yukon Human Rights Commission

  • Additional Resources

This program is appropriate for workers, supervisors, and managers in the public, private, and NGO sectors, and covers diverse workplaces through scenarios and illustrations.



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