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This is an online,self-paced course designed for people in management and supervisory positions in Territorially regulated workplaces in the Yukon. The program enables supervisors to build health and safety into their everyday planning, create and promote a safe work environment where people can work safely, and help make a lasting contribution to the reduction of incidents in all industries.


Supervisors Role

Overview of Workers’ Safety & Compensation Act & Regulations

Review of Criminal Code of Canada 217.1

Introduction to Hazard Assessment & Control


Inspection Preparation

Conducting an Inspection

Writing an Inspection Report

Young and New Workers

Identifying Young and New Workers

Young and New Workers’ Code of Practice


Investigation Preparation

Investigation Requirements

Causation Analysis

Writing an Investigation Report


Types of Training

Planning a Training Session

Conducting a Training Session

Note: This program is appropriate for leaders in the public, private, and NGO sectors, and covers diverse workplaces through scenarios and illustrations.


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