Northern Safety Network Yukon

Leadership for Safety Excellence

This is a two-day VILT course designed for people in management and supervisory positions in Territorially regulated workplaces in the Yukon. This program enables supervisors to build health and safety into their every-day planning, create and promote a safe work environment where people can work safely, and help make a lasting contribution to the reduction of incidents in all industries.

Topics covered:

  • Supervisor’s Role

    • Overview of Workers’ Safety & Compensation Act & Regulations

    • Review of Criminal Code of Canada 217.1

    • Introduction to Hazard Assessment & Control

  • Inspections

    • Inspection Preparation

    • Conducting an Inspection

    • Writing an Inspection Report

  • Young and New Workers

    • Identifying Young and New Workers

    • Young and New Workers’ Code of Practice

  • Investigations

    • Investigation Preparation

    • Investigation Requirements

    • Causation Analysis

    • Writing an Investigation Report

  • Training

    • Types of Training

    • Planning a Training Session

    • Conducting a Training Session

This program is appropriate for leaders in the public, private, and NGO sectors, and covers diverse workplaces through scenarios and illustrations.