Northern Safety Network Yukon

Industrial ATV Operator

The Industrial ATV Operator Certification course is one-day Canada Safety Council certified program that provides riders with a solid base of practical skills and behaviors for safer and more responsible ATV riding in the workplace. The course is primarily hands-on (riding lessons), and is supplemented by interactive discussion lessons at the course site. The riding lessons provide riders step by step "hands-on" practice of riding skills under the supervision of the instructor, and the discussion lessons provide an introduction to the principles and practices of safe and responsible ATV operation. The lessons included in the ATV Operator course include: ATV safety basics and pre-inspection. Proper selection and use or riding gear and personal protective equipment (PPE). Pre-ride inspection and safe start-up procedures. Safe turning and braking. Emergency stopping. Safe riding strategies and risk management. Collision avoidance. Riding on hills and difficult terrain. Riding over obstacles. Emergency preparedness. Safe loading and unloading. Trail riding basics As the course is primarily field-based, participants should attend the course with all necessary equipment, lunch, sufficient fuel/oil, and proper clothing suited to the weather conditions. ** Participants are responsible for providing the following for the course: An ATV (must be in good condition, with controls and safety features in working order). DOT or Snell compliant helmet. Goggles, safety glasses, or face shield. Over the ankle boots (no running shoes allowed). Gloves, long pants, and long sleeves that provide protection from branches or debris. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be issued an ATV rider certificate from the Canada Safety Council.

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