Northern Safety Network Yukon

Health and Safety Administrator (HSA)

Start Date: Friday July 12, 2019

End Date: Friday July 12, 2019

Start Time: 8:30am

End Time: 4:30pm

Price: $192

Instructor: Mike Kramer

Location: NSNY Office - 478 Range Road

Capacity: 6 / 9

This one-day course is intended for those who are completing their Health & Safety Administrator (HSA) or Nation Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation. A knowledgeable and experienced administrator can be an excellent resource to any workplace’s Health & Safety (H&S) management system. Course Objectives: To provide participants with the knowledge of health and safety administration strategies. To provide methods on how to assist management in the implementation and administration of a workplace-wide management system. To provide information on how to analyze and measure the effectiveness of the H&S program. To discuss methods and opportunities for HY&S communication/promotion. After completing this course, participants will have information to use as they: Assist management to plan, organize, lead, and control the administration of health, safety, and environmental programs. Analyze safety related statistical data. Identify trends, Make recommendations to management, supervisors, and workers. Manage the safety records of the workplace H&S program. *Please note: student must have complete all other compulsory courses required for the HSA or NCSO designation before registering for this Health & Safety Administrator course.

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