Northern Safety Network Yukon

Counter Balanced Forklift Operator

Start Date: Friday August 9, 2019

Start Time: 8:30am

End Time: 4:30pm

Price: $300

Instructor: Angela Drainville

Location: NSNY Office - 478 Range Road

Capacity: 3 / 8

This forklift safety training program is designed to meet the needs of the counterbalanced, sit-down, rider type lift truck operators, regardless of brand. The course is ideal for all operators as it is designed to reinforce the importance of proper forklift safety and handling techniques. The program focuses on these principles:

• General lift truck fundamentals 

• Principals of stability, balance and capacity 

• The pre-operation inspection 

• Safety guidelines for operating forklifts 

• Safe load handling techniques 

• Fueling internal combustion powered lift trucks 

• Charging/changing industrial batteries on electric powered trucks 

Course Structure:

This comprehensive program consists of the following: 

• Classroom training on the theory of lift truck operation and safety issues. Includes the use of workbooks and video. 

• Hands on operation of the forklift. 

• Evaluation is based on participants ability to demonstrate: 

1. Daily inspection procedure.

2. Site inspection for hazards.

3. Demonstration of safe operation of the machine.

4. Completion of a quiz on all aspects of the operation of the equipment as well as the regulations relating to the safe operation of the equipment. 

Forklift Safety Training Course Duration: 8 hours

*** Students to bring personal PPE (Hard hat, high visibility vest, Steel toe boots or shoes, eye protection) to the hands on session. Dress adequately for being outside in varying temperatures.

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