Northern Safety Network Yukon

Confined Space Entrant and Standby Person

This two-day course will address basic principles and concepts of confined space safety and examine the roles of the attendant and entrant in the process. The course includes case studies, workbook exercises, and a fall safety systems practical exercise to understand safe vertical entry.

Students gain the knowledge and skill to identify Confined Spaces, assess and mitigate hazards, operate gas detectors, develop ventilation and rescue plans, make safe entries, and perform external rescue.

On Day 1, participants will complete 3M course 6480 – Confined Space Entrant and Attendant.

Topics covered on Day 1 include:

  • Confined space identification

  • Hazard categories

  • Respecting confined spaces

  • Confined space oversight

  • Roles and responsibilities

    • Supporting roles

    • Attendant

    • Entrant

  • Hazard controls

  • Testing and normalizing atmospheres

  • Emergency response

  • Permitting

  • Pre-entry, and post-entry protocols

Day 2 of the course involves small-group application of the topics covered on Day 1 in a hands-on practical.  

For the practical component, participants must have CSA-approved safety footwear and clothing suitable for being outside