Northern Safety Network Yukon

Confined Space Entrant and Standby Person

This two-day course will address basic principles and concepts of confined space safety and examine the roles of the attendant and entrant.

On Day 1, participants will complete 3M course 6480 – Confined Space Entrant and Attendant.

Topics covered on Day 1 include:

  • Confined space identification

  • Hazard categories

  • Respecting confined spaces

  • Confined space oversight

  • Roles and responsibilities

    • Supporting roles

    • Attendant

    • Entrant

  • Hazard controls

  • Testing and normalizing atmospheres

  • Emergency response

  • Permitting

  • Pre-entry, and post-entry protocols

Day 2 of the course involves small-group application of the topics covered on Day 1 in a hands-on practical.   

For the practical component, participants must have CSA-approved safety footwear and clothing suitable for being outside.