Northern Safety Network Yukon

COREL Program

Out of Territory/Province COR™ Summary

If you already have COR™ certification from another Province or Territory, then please follow the Out-of-Territory COR™ Equivalency (COREL) process, listed below.

NSNY is a member of the Canadian Federation of Safety Associations (CFCSA) and can only grant COREL to companies with COR™ from these approved organizations.

Please note that we are unable to grant COREL to companies that use ENFORM COR audits.

Out of Territory/Province COR™ Equivalency Letter (COREL)

COREL is for employers that have attained COR™ status in another jurisdiction and would like to apply for equivalency to the Yukon COR™ program in order to bid on tenders. Once a worksite has been set up in Yukon, the COREL holder must complete the Yukon COR™ process. COREL holders who fail to complete the COR™ process and have had an active worksite in Yukon will have a one year wait period to reapply to the program.

Please note that we are unable to grant COREL to companies that use ENFORM COR audits.

COR™ Equivalency Letter Process

Step 1

Submit all required documentation listed below to the COR™ Coordinator:

  1. The COREL application form
  2. A copy of your COR™ certificate from your home jurisdiction
  3. A Letter of Good Standing from your construction safety association regarding the company's COR™ standing in your home jurisdiction
  4. A self audit checklist performed by the company on Element 14 (Joint Health & Safety Committee/Representative) and 15 (Return to Work) of the Yukon COR™ audit document.
  5. A $275 (+GST) administrative review fee.
    Note: Once you have submitted your documents, an invoice will be created and sent to you prior to the review taking place. Payments can be made with credit card over the phone.

Once the above has been reviewed and approved, NSNY will issue a Certificate of Recognition Equivalency letter (COREL) valid up to a 6 month period or until the expiration date specified on the Letter of Good Standing from the applicant company’s home jurisdiction (if expiring earlier than 6 months).

Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be reviewed.

Step 2

Once a work site and/or YWCHSB account is established in Yukon, the applicant company must complete the required COR training.

The employee taking the training on behalf of the company must be a full-time (regular or permanent) Yukon site employee. An employee is deemed to be full-time (regular or permanent) when he/she is employed in a continuous capacity for the COR™ company. This individual's name must appear on the company's payroll and be covered by the firm's WCB account. Please contact NSNY for further information if required.

Step 3

Once the company has met the COR™ training requirments, an external audit must be arranged. The audit must be performed within 60 days of establishing a Yukon work site. If the audit is successful, a three year Yukon COR™ may be issued. For those employers that achieve the Certificate of Recognition in Yukon, they are required to maintain their COR™ according to NSNY requirements.

COREL Extensions

Unsuccessful bidders can request a new COREL for bidding again in Yukon. To request a new COREL, an updated Letter of Good Standing from your home jurisdiction will be required for submission, as well as a letter stating whether or not the company has performed work or had active worksites during the time specified on your original COREL. Contact the COR™ Coordinator to request an extension.