Northern Safety Network Yukon

NSNY Endorsed External Auditors

Cara Brown


Designations: National Construction Safety Officer Certification (NSCO®), BCCSA certified Internal Auditor

Specialization: Telecommunications, Utility Construction, Mining, General Contracting.

Experience: Health and Safety Professional with experience working in a variety of different industries as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor in both Federal and Territorial industries. Internal Auditor since 2012.

Travel: Willing to travel within the Yukon.

Tony Gaw


Designations: NCSO, CTECH, ASTTBC (technical designation)

Specialization: Civil and Building Construction, Municipal Construction, Water and Waste, Transportation, Survey and Engineering, Office Administration, Telecommunications and Transmission Line Construction, Aviation, Government and First Nations and Exploration.

Experience: 12 years as an auditor, 14 years in H&S

Travel: Travel as necessary

Kimberley Henney


Designations: Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP), Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP), Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc.), Diploma in Disability Management Certified Canadian/Yukon Teacher

Specialization: Kim has nationally recognized health, safety and disability management designations and has extensive experience developing and implementing health and safety management systems, including return to work, for both federal, territorial and first nation governments as well as private industry. Kim is also experienced at developing and delivering internal training in the safety and disability management fields.

Experience: 18 years in the field of health, safety and disability management.

Travel: Kim is willing to travel where/when required to ensure fulfillment of your health and safety requirements.

Dan Poelman


Designations: HSA, ATPL, MCpl (retd).

Specialization: General Construction, Transportation, Landscaping, General Contracting, Electrical Service, Composting, Expediting, OHS programs, Government, Fuel Services, Safety Services, Aviation.

Experience: NSNY certified auditor since 2008

Travel: Prefers working in the Yukon.

Amber Shewen
President SHE Consulting Inc.


Designations: CRSP, CHSC

Specialization: Specializing in all aspects of health and safety including: Program Development and Auditing, Liason with regulators (WCB, OHS, RCMP, Transport Canada)Serious Incident investigations, Root Cause Analysis, HAZOP and Risk Assessment, Contractor Management, Emergency Response, Training for SE/COR Program as well as specialized training development for internal corporate needs.

Experience: I have been auditing for 15 years (SE/COR Auditor since 2011)

Travel: I currently support clients in four jurisdictions including Yukon, NWT, Alberta and BC. In multiple industries including Mining, Construction, Health care, Social services, transportation and education.

As President of SHE Consulting Inc. Amber is involved with multiple health and safety related projects for organizations as small as one person and as large as 3000 workers. Amber has worked in the health and safety field since 1999, and is focused on creating safe work environments for all industries.

Adam Sills

Sills Safety Services Ltd.

Designations: National Construction Safety Officer Certification (NSCO®), Bachelor of Commerce degree, BCCSA certified External Auditor

Specialization: Telecommunications in various forms (satellite, radio, wireless, microwave, fiber telephone), Utility Construction, Road Construction, Civil Construction, Environmental, Solar, Transport, Landscaping, General Contracting.

Experience: External Auditor since 2018, Internal Auditor since 2012

Travel: Willing to travel anywhere within or outside Yukon as required.

Adam is a Health and Safety Professional with experience working in a variety of different industries both as a field worker and in a health and safety capacity. He believes health and safety programs should be direct and not overly complicated. He looks forward to continuing to work with Yukon companies in the development and review of their health and safety programs, regardless of their size, scope, or industry.

Richard Zral

Zral Safety Services
Office: 867-668-7653
Cell: 867-334-9725

Designations: Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) and a Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC)

Specialization: Richard has been involved in workplace safety for over 40 years and is quite familiar with inspections, investigations, safety program development and auditing of programs in all industry sectors.

Experience: NSNY certified auditor since Spring 2004 - 14 years

Travel: Richard is quite willing and able to travel to any worksite, in any part of the country. He has conducted safety audits and developed safety programs for firms in YT, AB and BC. He is committed to being where you work, when you need his assistance.

Richard has been an Occupational Health and Safety practitioner since 1975. He has worked in AB, BC and YT as a full-time safety professional. He is always ready to assist you with workplace safety issues.