Northern Safety Network Yukon

Internal Auditor Resources

This page will is designed to notify internal auditors of any new developments as well as assist you with completing your student/internal audits.

Please note theses recent changes:

  • Return to Work questions have been modified and have been added to the NSNY audit document (element 15). This section of the audit will be scored but will not affect the overall score of your audit for your first external. This will give COR/SECOR clients an opportunity to uncover the gaps in the RTW program and address them prior to the next external audit.

Internal Auditor Responsibilities:

  • Prepare for the audit
  • Submit a pre-audit checklist to NSNY for approval prior to beginning your audit
  • Begin the audit process, and review the audit protocol
  • Verify the H&S program through documentation, review, site observations, and interviews
  • Follow the Code of Ethics at all times
  • Maintain your internal auditor certification

There are various forms available to download to assist you with the audit process: